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Gabriel Low

Prior to founding Arbel with Amir Hessel, Gabi has been a Managing Partner at the Manof KCPS Fund, a Private Debt and Private Equity fund established with the Israeli Ministry of Finance as core investor as a response to the 2008 Financial Crisis.

Manof KCPS raised over 1.2 billion NIS and is expected to generate an IRR of 15% and money multiple of 1.7x. Previously.

Gabi has been a Managing Director at Citigroup Corporate and Investment Bank Fixed Income Division in London where he led the Special Situation group for EMEA and previously the ABS Trading Desk. He was previously a Mortgage Bond trader with Salomon Bothers in New York where he joined in the training class of 1991.


Gabi holds a B.Sc degree in Industrial Engineering from Tel Aviv University and is an R.J. Miller Scholar with an MBA degree of the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.

Founding Partner
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