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Founding Partner

Amir Hessel

Prior to founding Arbel with Gabriel Low, Amir was Deputy CEO and the Chief Investment Officer of Harel Insurance and Finance, Israel's largest insurance group, for 16.5 years.

Amir founded the investment division in the year 2000, and under his leadership the division personnel grew from 5 employees to 85 with Asset Under Management from 12 billion NIS to 145 billion.

Over the same period the investment portfolio, which was originally constituted exclusively of Israeli listed bonds and shares, developed to contain some 40% Foreign assets and over 30% alternative assets including inter alia private domestic business credit set up to compete with the corporate divisions at the domestic banks, income producing real estate portfolio in the USA, Europe and Israel, and both Infrastructure and Private Equity investments in hundreds of projects, companies and funds.

In his tenure Harel's investment portfolio achieved a return of 8% leading the entire insurance and pension fund industry. Prior to joining Harel, Amir served as an Analyst, Deputy CEO and Head of Research and Betuha, at the time Israel's largest brokerage firm.


Amir holds a Bachelor and Masters degrees in Business and Economics from Tel Aviv University, both with honors.

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