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Managing Partner

Dave Gal, CPA

In the year 2009 thru to 2017 Mr. Gal has been a Managing Partner at Origo Manof Fund, a Private Debt and Private Equity fund established with the Israeli Ministry of Finance as core investor as a response to the 2008 Financial Crisis and a “sibling” fund and competitor to the Manof KCPS Fund.

Origo raised over 1.2 billion NIS and has generated an IRR of 12.5% and money multiple of 1.5x. Previously Mr. Gal was a partner at CPA firm Trabelsi and Partners, focusing on corporate restructuring, turnaround and crisis management. Earlier he was a team leader at Deloitte Touch Consultants.


Dave has earned a Bachelor Degree in Economics and Accounting with Distinction and a Master Degree in Economics, both from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

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